Gibson Memphis 1961 ES-330TDN Figured VOS Dark Vintage Natural 【 KH Q11586 】

限定生産されるLIMITED RUNシリーズ。


1958年から生産されているこちらのモデルはES-335とは違いセンターブロックは入っていない CASINOと同じくフルアコ仕様となり、P90ピックアップを搭載し歯切れが良く甘いトーンが特徴です。


ハードケース付属 Body Wood Species:Maple, Poplar, Maple Pieces:3-Ply Grade:AAA Figured Binding:Tan Weight Relief:Hollow body construction   Body Contour Carve:1959 ES (Hollow)   Neck Wood Species:Mahogany Pieces:1 Details Truss Rod:Historic Profile:Traditional "C" Thickness at Fret 1:20.574 mm / .810" Thickness at Fret 12:24.638 mm / .970" Other Materials:Assembly 65 glue Peg Head Type:SP-2 Inlay:None Peg Head Binding:None Logo:Mother of Pearl "Gibson" Headstock Angle:17 degrees Nut Style:White Material:Nylon Width:4.3358 cm / 1.707" Fingerboard Wood Species:Rosewood Pieces:1 Shade:Dark Fingerboard Details Radius:30.48 cm / 12 " Frets::22 Nut/End of Board:4.2850 cm / 1.687" @ nut, 5.6718 cm / 2.233" @ end of board  Scale:62.865 cm / 24.75" Binding:Tan Side Dots (Color):Tortoiseshell   Fingerboard Inlays Style:Dot Material:Period Correct Celluloid   Pickups Style:MHS P-90 Magnet Material:Alnico III bar magnets Cover:Black Plastic   Control Pocket Assembly Type::CTS 550K Audio   Tuning Keys Style:Kluson White Oval Button Material:Body is stamped steel with plastic oval button Tuning Ratio:15:01 Plating specs:V.O.S. Nickel   Bridge Style:No Wire ABR Material:Die cast alloy Plating Specs:V.O.S. Nickel   Tailpiece Style:Bigsby B-7 Plating Specs:V.O.S. Nickel   Strap Buttons Material:V.O.S. Aluminum   Pick Guard Style:Multi ply black ES-330H with 45 bevel (V.O.S.)   Truss Rod Cover Style:Vintage (V.O.S.)   Knobs Style:Gold Top Hats w/ Gold Inserts (V.O.S.) Weight:3.120kg

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